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The Clothing Loft--a store that sells gently used clothing in Ohio. The Clothing Loft sells items in ther physical store with speicals posted online.

What they needed:
They needed to upgrade their current website from a garish blue and lime template to something that reflected the store's personality, as well as showcase some of the great clothes they have for sale.

What they got:

The website is designed around the ability of the maintainer to keep the site updated and make small modifications as the store's offerings need to be changed. Clean, well documented HTML gives the maintainer the ability to quickly identify where she needs to change text to update various parts of the site.
HTML and CSS are used to form the pages and create the site's look and feel. Three columns break the pages up, providing easy to navigate links on the left and a useful map with store hours on the right. The center holds the page's content. This allows users to quickly find the information they need.

Screenshots: front page