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Design--to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan. To devise for a specific function or end.

Each web site I create has a function, a purpose, a plan. No web site is designed on a whim--even personal sites seek to tell a story or promote some special item. When I begin the design process, I start with a single question--"what do you want this web site to do for you or your business?"

Web sites have a distinct place in society. Many times, before someone walks through your door, they've seen your website. Or, if they are comparing more than one business, a visitor will pull up the two competing websites and make a judgment based on this virtual representation. Your website could very well cost you business--or be influential in bringing in new customers!

I believe that personal websites should reflect who the person is and that business sites should reflect the core of the business. It shouldn't matter if a visitor opens your web page or walks into your store or shakes your hand, they should have the same overall feeling.

I pride myself in creating clean sites that embrace usability and common design practices. Creative and fresh, I tailor each site to be easily found on popular search engines and easily navigated by any user. If you're interested in a consult, please contact me at